Event cancellations due to COVID-19

By Amé Venter | 05 Aug, 2020

ETU announce more event cancellations due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.



Unfortunately, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are still making it difficult to host events and provide fair racing for both the athletes and coaches involved due to travel restrictions. Despite some incredible efforts to maintain these races in our calendar, there is no way to ensure the presence of all competitors and fair racing circumstances. Therefore, in conjunction with the National Federations and LOCs, it has been jointly decided that the following events will be cancelled:
● 2020 Constanta ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup
● 2020 Târgu Mures ETU Cross Triathlon European Championships
● 2020 Târgu Mures ETU Cross Duathlon European Championships 
● 2020 Tiszaujvaros ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup
● 2020 Alanya ETU Triathlon Youth European Championships Festival

The increased level of infections and travel restrictions result in unfair racing circumstances.
This decision has been made now to avoid the event being cancelled closer to the date.

The organizers of Târgu Mures Viktor Klosz said the following about the cancellation of the event;
“It was really hard to cancel after all these months full of hope, but we think that it’s better this way, we guess that we all agree on the fact that safety comes first!”

As for the cancellations of Alanya, the representative from the Turkish Triathlon Federation Onur Aydemi said; “even though we wanted to organise the race, we are very disappointed to announce that we had to cancel Alanya due to COVID-19. Next year we hope to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Alanya by hosting all the events we had planned for 2020.”