Budapest hosts ITU Technical Officials and Event Organisers Level 2 Seminar

By Doug Gray | 07 Nov, 2019

This week’s Budapest ITU Technical Officials and Event Organisers Level 2 Seminar offered a strong, cost-effective and low carbon footprint opportunity for TOs from Hungary and neighbouring countries including Romania, Serbia and Slovakia. In addition, there were officials from Poland, Estonia, Turkey, Russia and Portugal present. Facilitators Duncan Hough (GBR) and Dr. Béla Varga (HUN) were pleased to welcome two female TOs among the 14 that attended the seminar.

Duncan and Dr Bela piloted a new way of delivering the seminar, as paperless as possible in order to support new sustainability goals. With the exceptions of the flip-chart sheets and the coloured papers used for the venue mock-up exercise, no paper was used during the course, with tablets and laptops utilised for the various challenging exercises, highly appreciated by the participants. After 2.5 days of hard work, the facilitators are convinced that all the attendees will complete the exam with success.

Special thanks to the Hungarian Triathlon Federation and to General Secretary Kata Lőrincz, who invited all participants to a local restaurant for a welcome dinner in order to sample the flavours of Budapest as well as the Hungarian cooking and hospitality.