What are you going to see?, by Andreu Alfonso

By ITU Admin | 12 May, 2007

June 3rd is again in red in our agendas, not because it is Sunday, Sunday is the day we work the most, but because we want to do it really well for our people.

Last year, Gold, Silver and Bronze! Hard to repeat! Ana Burgos injured wont be able to defend his last years place. Javi an Ivan arrive in good form. Although repeating last year results will be almost impossible mission. Obtaining perfection in sports is almost a chimera. 2006 results were almost perfect and in sports where body is the precision machine (not for example as a boat of millions of euros) it is almost impossible to achieve.

In addition of our medallist we have a good team. Some with consolidated results as: Ainhoa Murua, the untiring and regular Donostiarra well knower of the top 10 World Cup; Zurine Rodriguez, 25 years old from Baracaldo, living and training at the Madrids CAR since she was 18, both with possibilities of well doing at home & continue summing point for the 2008 Peking Olympic Games .Masculine team is fighting to recover their third place at the Olympic Games, Tovar from Extremadura is our best classified man to take it. Madrid circuit should be a circuit for all of our athletes, due to the strength of cycling. Arrive soon on the first float at the swim circuit will be very important. Two tours at the lake completing the 1500 swim meters. Madrid is one of the best races for following the athletes swimming race, always on the borders.

The youngest, both male and female, will need to save the first difficulty of the day; swimming with the world best swimmers in a difficult circuit as Madrid is, then a quick suffering 40 km bike race, where their legs will pain until they tremble preparing them for the run race. The 8 tours of the 5km bike race where the climb of the cableway with more than 12% ascents is the most significant (we recommend you to see them there in action there) will reflected the tactics of triathlon; good cyclist, to take advantage of good riders, and riders trying not to spread the group not to allowing anyone to take advantage at the 40 km, advantage that could be very difficult to recover at the 10 km running race.

Hard and hot circuit, lots of efforts and pain! But thats why they train for and they have given their best to be here.

Andreu Alfonso
Spanish Technical Director



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