Today’s the day: ETU Triathlon Youth European Championships Festival, Kitzbühel

By Paul Groves | 19 Jun, 2019

Yes, today is the opening day for the biggest event for youth athletes on the ETU calendar. After two very successful events in northern Europe, where we saw some thrilling races in Tiszaújváros (2016), then up to Lithuania and to the town of Panevėžys (2017), the event moved last year to Loutraki. From that event, many lessons were learned and the 2019 edition promise to be the best yet.

With such a great history of delivering events, the Tirol’s triathlon heart will beat strong once more.

The build has been full-on for the past week.

In 2018, we had some truly exciting racing from the juniors. Click here to read the article and see the amazing photos that we provided by the Austrian Federation.

This year the focus moves slightly and it will be the athletes in the age-group 15-17 who will benefit from not only the races but the whole programme of events that has been put on for them.

The dominating mountain peaks in the summer are spectacular but in the winter months the whole venue changes. Athletes will have a chance to learn and experience the world famous Hahnenkamm-Race”, for which Kitzbühel is renowned. They will be able to go to the site where the action happens and once there, to enjoy the picturesque view whilst tucking into delicious Tirolean food on top of the region’s favourite mountain. Another side event arranged for them is a “Stand Up Paddle” experience, where they athletes will have a chance to test their skills on the same boards that they see accompanying them on many races.

The racing will be over a semi-final / final format, making it much more exciting for the athlete themselves and for the spectators. These short, explosive races provide an excellent base for training and development and with the coaches able to get so close to the action, the various strengths and weaknesses of each athlete can be identified, assessed, corrected and developed.

The full details of the event can be found in the Athletes’ Guide.

The organisers and the Technical Delegate, Gyorgyi Bodnár (HUN) are delighted to report that there are athletes from 33 countries represented at the Festival. Aside from the ETU Youth Festival, there is also a chance for local children to race at the TriKitzGames. An estimated 370 new triathletes will get the chance to swim, bike and run this iconic course. There is a Sprint Race for another 100 lucky entrants, there are 61 teams in the relay race and of course athletes from all over Europe.

For the start lists, please click here.

As the races are completed and the results uploaded, the start lists for the finals will be updated to show who has got through the first stage.

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20 - Jun, 2019 • event pageall results
Results: Mixed Youth Relay
1. Team I Spain ESP 01:16:25
2. Team I Hungary HUN 01:16:28
4. Team I France FRA 01:16:46
3. Team I Italy ITA 01:16:46
5. Team I Russia RUS 01:17:24
6. Team I Great Britain GBR 01:17:34
7. Team I Netherlands NED 01:17:56
8. Team I Austria AUT 01:18:04
9. Team I Switzerland SUI 01:19:17
10. Team I Portugal POR 01:19:40
Results: Semifinal 1 Youth Men
1. Esteban Basanta Fouz ESP 00:36:56
2. Elai Izhak Chaski ISR 00:37:04
3. Mark Vysotskiy AIN 00:37:07
4. Niklas Keller AUT 00:37:10
5. Mikhail Bastrakov AIN 00:37:11
6. Jack Stanton-Stock GBR 00:37:14
7. Niels Van Lanen NED 00:37:18
8. Luca Luberti SUI 00:37:19
9. Sabian Kulczynski IRL 00:37:20
10. Gergő Dobi HUN 00:37:21
Results: Semifinal 2 Youth Men
1. Pavel Sorokin AIN 00:37:15
2. Ben Fäh SUI 00:37:17
3. Alexandre Montez POR 00:37:19
4. Jan Bader AUT 00:37:23
5. Léo Fernandez FRA 00:37:24
6. Dominic Coy GBR 00:37:25
7. Wout Franco BEL 00:37:25
8. Jesse Cuijpers NED 00:37:28
9. David Vollmann AUT 00:37:36
10. Shachar Agur ISR 00:37:47
Results: Semifinal 3 Youth Men
1. Tao Jouineau FRA 00:37:00
2. Joseph Martin GBR 00:37:10
3. Hamish Reilly GBR 00:37:12
4. Igor Bellido Mikhailova ESP 00:37:15
5. Alon Cohen ISR 00:37:47
6. Nico Hegmann SUI 00:37:57
7. Balte Thijs BEL 00:37:58
8. Syb De Jong NED 00:38:00
9. Artūrs Liepa LAT 00:38:12
10. Klemens Oberleithner AUT 00:38:18
Results: Semifinal 1 Youth Women
1. Karolina Helga Horváth HUN 00:40:54
2. Angelica Prestia ITA 00:41:29
3. Elsa Pena Vicente ESP 00:41:31
4. Aviv Levi ISR 00:41:34
5. Zuzana Michalickova SVK 00:41:36
6. Luna De Bruin NED 00:41:59
7. Oryna Babych UKR 00:42:13
8. Eden Schiller GBR 00:42:14
9. Rebecca Beti SUI 00:42:17
10. Lisa Hufnagl AUT 00:42:49
Results: Semifinal 2 Youth Women
1. Anna Goreva AIN 00:41:10
2. Barbara De Koning NED 00:41:13
3. Emilie Noyer FRA 00:41:44
4. Hannah Koglbauer AUT 00:41:50
5. Letizia Martinelli SUI 00:42:06
6. Myral Greco ITA 00:42:06
7. Lizzy Edge GBR 00:42:17
8. Nerea Garcia Busto ESP 00:42:17
9. Nora Jencusova SVK 00:42:20
10. Marie-Louise Jørgensen DEN 00:42:29