Snows come to Etna

By Paul Groves | 08 Feb, 2018

This time next week many of you will be heading to or perhaps already arrived in Catania. Your destination will be Etna and the 2018 Etna ETU Winter Triathlon European Championships.

There has been some concern about the very recent lack of snow, following a good early fall late last year. The good news is that the weather conditions have changed and have changed to our favour.

The LOC have been working constantly with the Technical Delegate, Enrique Quesada to ensure that the race can go ahead. Enrique is one of the longest-serving ITU Level III officials and plays an active roles in the delivery of training to other officials seeking to be part of the very top level of international officials and he will be working alongside one of the most experienced event organisers of winter events, Marco Zaffaroni. Marco is a highly experienced alpinist, having climbed Everest a number of times and really is a man of the mountains with a unique sense of how conditions can change. His control of the ETU championships in 2012  ensured a successful event.

So, the news …. Is that heavy snow has been falling over the past few days and that the event will go ahead. Please click this link to read the letter from Mario Lombardo, President of the Regional Committee of the Italian Triatlon Federation for Sicily.

Check the weather yourself using this link.

For daily updates, check out the event Facebook page.

If you are going, make sure you have your camera. Not many people can say that they have raced a European Championships in the shadow of an active volcano.

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17 Feb, 2018 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Pavel Andreev RUS 01:32:19
2. Marek Rauchfuss CZE 01:32:48
3. Pavel Yakimov RUS 01:33:27
4. Dmitriy Bregeda RUS 01:34:03
5. Daniel Antonioli ITA 01:35:41
6. Giuseppe Lamastra ITA 01:35:44
7. Kristian Monsen NOR 01:37:44
8. Evgeny Kirillov RUS 01:38:56
9. Alessandro Saravalle ITA 01:39:08
10. Aleksandr Vasilev RUS 01:43:31
Results: Elite Women
1. Yulia Surikova RUS 01:53:13
2. Nadezhda Belkina RUS 01:58:06
3. Sarka Grabmullerova CZE 02:00:58
4. Sandra Mairhofer ITA 02:01:04
5. Edith Vakaria ROU 02:02:55
6. Martina Donner AUT 02:08:51
7. Bianca Morvillo ITA 02:12:36
8. Anna Swoboda AUT 02:18:18
Results: U23 Men
1. Alessandro Saravalle ITA 01:39:08
2. Aleksandr Vasilev RUS 01:43:31
3. Anton Matrusov RUS 01:44:31
4. Kirill Tarakanov RUS 01:47:26
5. Arkadii Romanov RUS 02:19:38
Results: U23 Women
1. Nadezhda Belkina RUS 01:58:06
2. Edith Vakaria ROU 02:02:55
3. Anna Swoboda AUT 02:18:18
Results: Junior Men
1. Alberto Rabellino ITA 01:04:07
Results: Junior Women
1. Polina Tarakanova RUS 01:19:58
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