Geens Triumphs Again at Echternach Junior Cup

By David Peddie | 18 Jul, 2011

The oldest city in Luxembourg played host to the 27th International Triathlon weekend in Echternach and for the third year in a row, the town was hosting an ETU Junior European Cup race.

Under a cloudy sky, the 80 athletes, 61 male and 19 female, set off in ideal race conditions, allowing for a fast race on a level course.

After a compact field completed the swim and bike stages, the outcome of the Junior Mens race was determined by the run. The impressive Jelle Geens (BEL) followed up his success in Dusseldorf by holding off the British duo of Benson and Austin to claim first place in a time of 55:21.

The ladies race was equally close throughout the duration of the race and similarly was decided on the final run. Here, Marlene Gomez-Islinger (GER) proved to be the strongest athlete as she secured first place. Georgia Taylor-Brown (GBR) and Desirée Elting (GER) completed the Womens podium. 

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17 Jul, 2011 • event pageall results
Results: Junior Women
1. Marlene Gomez-Göggel GER 01:02:32
2. Georgia Taylor-Brown GBR 01:02:50
3. Desirée Elting GER 01:02:57
4. Victoria Johnston GBR 01:03:11
5. Justine Guerard FRA 01:03:48
6. Ivana Kuriackova SVK 01:04:07
7. Zoe Thomas GBR 01:04:36
8. Emily Mcloughlin GBR 01:05:11
9. Nicole Olivari ITA 01:05:49
10. Alexandra Mckibben GBR 01:06:25
Results: Junior Men
1. Jelle Geens BEL 00:55:21
2. Gordon Benson GBR 00:55:33
3. Marc Austin GBR 00:55:39
4. Renning Elischer GER 00:55:47
5. Yohan Saby FRA 00:55:51
6. Jeremy Bouisson FRA 00:55:57
7. Jean-Philippe Boulet FRA 00:56:02
8. Marten Van Riel BEL 00:56:05
9. Fynn-Rasmus Elischer GER 00:56:10
10. Wian Sullwald RSA 00:56:12