Exhilarating weekend of racing in Wels and a succesfull second edition of Rising Stars

By | 28 Jun, 2023

What an exhilarating display on Sunday, 25th June, in Wels for the Europe Triathlon Junior Cup and Europe Triathlon Cup! The international competition, backed by Europe Triathlon, the Austrian Triathlon Federation, and the City of Wels, was bursting with competitive fervour, passionate fans, and an abundance of athleticism.

The elite category had closely fought races, with the victors being Germany’s Simon Henseleit and Kazakhstan’s Ekaterina Shabalina in the men’s and women’s races respectively. The junior category witnessed the established rising stars, such as Thomas Hansmaennel and Margareta Vrablova, claiming the top spots in the men’s and women’s races. The junior athletes were part of another successful Rising Stars edition event which saw them take part in many different media activities and receive exclusive gifts. You can find out more about the project at You also rewatch all the races on our YouTube channel for free.

Junior Men’s Race:
The day kicked off with the Junior Men’s category. After an intense 750-meter swim, Hungary’s Zalán Hóbor was amongst the leaders. The cycling segment saw a closely-knit group of contenders. France’s Thomas Hansmaennel showcased his exceptional cycling abilities during the 20km bike leg. As they transitioned into the final 5km run, Hansmaennel continued to set a formidable pace. Ultimately, he triumphantly crossed the finish line with a time of 00:54:30. Zalán Hóbor of Hungary secured the second spot, followed closely by Romania’s Carol Popa.

Junior Women’s Race:
The Junior Women’s category was packed with excitement. Margareta Vrablova of Slovakia emerged as the leader after the swim and maintained her position through the bike leg. With determined effort, she continued to fend off her competition throughout the 5km run and claimed victory with a time of 01:00:41. France’s Ambre Grasset followed closely, securing second place, while her compatriot Anouk Rigaud took the third spot.

Elite Men’s Race:
In the Elite Men’s category, the competitors hit the water for a 750-meter swim. Germany’s Simon Henseleit was among the leaders right from the start. Jan Bader of Austria was in hot pursuit during the 20km cycling leg. The final sprint was dominated by Henseleit, who dashed past the finish line with an impressive time of 00:53:02, closely followed by Bader and Hugo Milner of Great Britain.

Elite Women’s Race:
The elite women’s race was no less thrilling. After a grueling 750-meter swim, the field was led by a group consisting of Germany’s Jule Behrens, France’s Kristelle Congi, and Kazakhstan’s Ekaterina Shabalina. The trio fought fiercely through the cycling and running segments. Shabalina managed to pull ahead in the final kilometers of the run, crossing the finish line at 00:59:35. Jule Behrens and Kristelle Congi completed the podium in second and third places respectively.

The event in Wels was a remarkable showcase of triathlon at its finest, with athletes demonstrating immense skill, determination, and sportsmanship. The enthusiastic crowd added to the exhilarating atmosphere, making it a day to remember for sports fans and athletes alike. If you missed any of the action, catch up with the full races on the official Europe Triathlon YouTube channel.

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11 Jun, 2022 • event pageall results
Results: Junior Men
1. Sam Parry NZL 00:55:02
2. Thomas Hansmaennel FRA 00:55:26
3. Ivan Abele NZL 00:55:46
4. Thomas Windischbauer AUT 00:55:59
5. Simeon Dolinschek AUT 00:56:08
6. Ul Denša SLO 00:56:16
7. David Vollmann AUT 00:56:29
8. Zalán Hóbor HUN 00:56:42
9. Max Grün AUT 00:56:48
10. Patrik Leitner AUT 00:57:09
Results: Junior Women
1. Tabea Huys AUT 01:01:12
2. Józefina Młynarska POL 01:01:31
3. Britney Brown USA 01:01:51
4. Faith Dasso USA 01:02:03
5. Sophie Spencer NZL 01:02:56
6. Nicole Bauer AUT 01:04:11
7. Leonie Hauser AUT 01:04:51
8. Kristýna Dvořáková CZE 01:05:08
9. Florentina Prünster AUT 01:05:16
10. Ema Beke SVK 01:05:46
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