Balkan Championships head to Serbia

By David Peddie | 19 Sep, 2013

A week on from a breathtaking World Triathlon Series finale in London, the development of triathlon across Europe continues at pace in Kladovo, Serbia for the Balkan Championships.

As part of the ETU’s commitment to supporting developing National Federations and their athletes, this competition is now in its third year as a standalone event following four years as an ITU European Cup and Balkan Championships competition.

Last year in Elazig, Turkey’s Ece Bakici won her country’s first International triathlon medal and athletes from the likes of Romania, Lithuania and Macedonia will be hoping for a similar success story in Kladovo.

In total, 50 elite athletes will compete in Kladovo with many representing their country for the first time and making their International competition debut.

A strong Serbian contingent will be keen to do well on home soil and Ljudmila Medan, Team Manager for the Serbian Triathlon Union, said: “It is a special honour to be the organisers of the Balkan Championships and to welcome all the participants.

“Since becoming an Olympic sport, triathlon in Serbia began to expand rapidly. We started as a group of enthusiasts and fans of endurance sports, but now we have developed into a serious National Triathlon association with over 400 licensed triathletes.

“The Balkan Championship are crucial as they bring together national associations who need to know each other, to help them identify problems in the organisation of competitions and to educate coaches and improve the quality of competitors in the elite category.”

Peter Klosz, of the Romanian Triathlon Federation, said: “For us the Balkan Championships events is one of the most important races of the year. We are taking 16 athletes to Kladovo across the youth, junior and elite categories.

“This is special for our athletes to give them experience in international races. I hope in a couple years we can go on to get some good results in the higher international races.”

Race Information:

Sunday, 22nd September 2013

Elite Women Start List, 1315 (local time)

Elite Men Start List, 1600 (local time)

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22 Sep, 2013 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Ognjen Stojanovic SRB 01:00:42
2. Ciprian Balanescu ROU 01:01:18
3. Matija Krivec CRO 01:01:48
4. Emil Stoynev BUL 01:02:24
5. Melih Ilker Gucuyener TUR 01:02:25
6. Enea Carone ITA 01:02:26
7. Eugen Jagušt CRO 01:02:26
8. Gordan Petkovic CRO 01:02:34
9. Alexandru Diaconu ROU 01:02:55
10. Bahadir Tama TUR 01:03:21
Results: Elite Women
1. Hrista Stoyneva BUL 01:07:48
2. Ece Calp TUR 01:10:52
3. Berrak Irmak TUR 01:11:07
4. Stefania Ion ROU 01:12:00
5. Ksenija Bubnjevic SRB 01:12:07
6. Vida Medic SRB 01:15:33
7. Zorana Pavlov SRB 01:22:01
DSQ. Sedef Ozcelik TUR DSQ
Results: Junior Men
1. Milan Tomin SRB 01:01:09
2. Ali Atlan TUR 01:02:45
3. Petar Ivackovic SRB 01:03:30
4. Aleksander Sradner BUL 01:05:23
5. Erol Can Yaras TUR 01:06:13
6. Grigore Andrei Tiberiu ROU 01:07:45
7. Maksim Marinov CRO 01:10:34
DSQ. Sabri Oge TUR DSQ
DSQ. Hikmet Dirik TUR DSQ
DSQ. Fotis Konstantinou GRE DSQ
Results: Junior Women
1. Ipek Oztosun TUR 01:13:35
2. Antoanela Manac ROU 01:13:38
3. Perina Šiljeg CRO 01:16:45
4. Andrea Teodora Balan ROU 01:17:26
5. Tugce Karakaya TUR 01:19:03
6. Kristina Šmit SRB 01:25:19
DSQ. Melis Acar TUR DSQ
DSQ. Marilena Panagiotopoulou GRE DSQ
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