Unexpected 6th place for Israel in Junior Mixed Team Relay European Championships

By David Peddie | 22 Jun, 2014

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During the Junior European Championships Mixed Team Relay the biggest surprise of the day came from the young Israel 1 team. It was their first time in the junior mixed team relay competition. Israel brought 4 guys and 4 girls to Kitzbuhel, but unfortunately Omri Bahat broke his arm in the junior championships on Saturday and was unable to race. The rest of team Israel 2 participated but were faced with a DNF.

Yuval Hets, president of the Israeli Triathlon Association, was pleased with the unexpected result. „We are part of the ETU development programme and have been working hard to bring so many young athletes at the start. We already had a 10th place finish in yesterday’s junior race and we have 4 juniors who qualified for the world championships. Our 6th place today is a big surprise for us and we’re really proud of the team.”

Watch the fulle interview with Yuval below.

Romania were also participating for the first time in the junior mixed team relay competition, but they had to leave the race early. Hungary did a good job at finishing 8th and 14th. Slovenia came in 13th.

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Results: 16-19 Female AG Sprint
1. Hannah Moser AUT 01:15:21
2. Lisa Totschnig AUT 01:16:32
3. Rosie Lindsay GBR 01:19:11
4. Emily Alderson GBR 01:19:53
5. Mona Ritter AUT 01:21:15
6. Sina Hinteregger AUT 01:21:59
7. Vivien Ploner AUT 01:23:53
8. Clover Murray GBR 01:24:37
9. Chanette Rog AUT 01:26:54
10. Carolina Sandhofer AUT 01:29:53
Results: 16-19 Male AG Sprint
1. Tom Stead GBR 01:05:12
2. Marcel Pachteu AUT 01:05:36
3. Tautvydas Kopustas LTU 01:05:40
4. Michael Singer AUT 01:07:01
5. Massimo Köstl AUT 01:07:41
6. Angus Smith GBR 01:08:02
7. Fergus Robinson GBR 01:08:09
8. Sean Wylie GBR 01:08:13
9. Julian Höllmüller AUT 01:08:49
10. Christopher Davies GBR 01:09:07
Results: 18-19 Female AG
1. Esther Colman GBR 02:55:37
Results: 18-19 Male AG
1. Tautvydas Kopustas LTU 02:11:46
2. Kamil Magott POL 02:19:17
3. Thomas Garbett GBR 02:20:45
4. Charles West GBR 02:46:37
DNF. Thomas Lazenby GBR 00:00:00
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