The Kuopio Airport will be closed in July

By World Triathlon Admin | 20 Apr, 2007


Unfortunately Kuopio Airport will be closed totally for traffic the whole of July because of runway resurfacing.
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13.3.07 Kuopio Airport will be closed 2 July 29 July 2007 Air traffic will come to a halt in July at Kuopio Airport, and the airport will be closed from 2 July 29 July 2007. In the air traffic areas, runways and taxiways will be resurfaced and other repairs will be carried out to the paving. A new rainwater drain will be dug under the runway and taxiway, and a fixed stop cable system will be built for Hornet jet fighters.

Because of the above mentioned we recommend you to fly to Helsinki (see information on bike transport below) where you can either:
- fly to Joensuu + 128 km/ca 1.5 hours by road to Kuopio
- fly to Jyvskyl + 155 km/ca 2 hours by road to Kuopio
(in both of the alternatives above please check the availability of cargo space for your bikes!)
- hire a car: 370 km/ca 4.5 hours to Kuopio
- travel by rail (transfer to Helsinki railway station 30 minutes + ca 4 hours by rail)
- take a bus via Helsinki city centre to Kuopio: ca 5 hours
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We have bike transport available directly from the airport to Kuopio on Thursday 08.00-18.00 and vice versa the next Monday.
The bikes will be transported in a truck and available for your pick-up at Scandic Hotel 08.00-10.00 on Friday.
If you wish to use this service which costs 20/bike/leg please notify us by May 31st, so that we can reserve place for your bikes.

For more information please visit the LOC website or the webpage on the ETU website!

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