Press Release - Green light for Tartu

By Paul Groves | 22 Jun, 2020

Press Release
European Standard Distance Championships 2020

Triathlon Europe (ETU) is pleased to announce that after many discussions the European Standard Distance Triathlon Championships in Tartu Estonia will go ahead as planned.

Triathlon Europe have been working really hard to provide National Federations and their elite and age group athletes a racing calendar for 2020 as the easing of lockdown measures across Europe gathers pace.

The Sprint Distance Championships in Malmo unfortunately had to be cancelled so we are especially glad that the LOC and Estonian National Federation have decided that the event in Tartu will be going ahead as planned on the 27th to 30th August 2020.

Margus Lepik the President of the Estonian Federation
“Tartu together with the city of Otepää are delighted to host the Triathlon Europe 2020 European Standard Distance Championships. It is going to be 4-days of exciting races, where elite and age group European Champions will be crowned.

The racing weekend will also host other events such as a charity run and kids races. All the swimming will be in Lake Pühajärve, one of the largest lakes in Estonia. Water temperature at that time of the year is usually 20-22C. Bike and running courses will take athletes through the street and roads of Otepää and its surroundings. The race center is placed perfectly by the Lake Pühajärve. You will be very welcome to Estonia”

Renato Bertrandi Triathlon Europe President
“We are happy to announce that, even in such a difficult period, we will stage our 36th edition of the European Championship in Estonia. The journey has not been easy as the overall situation is evolving so quickly that it is really difficult to make any decision.

We are committed to providing our Athletes the opportunity to go back to racing; to give meaning to all the hard training for this season and not to lose the momentum of our Sport. Out of a crisis an opportunity can often be created this is true, but during such difficult times it is not always easy to believe.

Now is time to come together and create our unique opportunity to honour our wonderful sport and the European Title.

I want to thank the President of the Estonian Federation whose enthusiasm never wavered during these months, the LOC, the Athletes that have shown understanding and flexibility in this difficult season and all the parties involved, TDs and Officials that will prepare the field of play respecting all restrictions required by the situation.

I really hope to see you all there in 10 weeks’ time”

The event will host the following Championship races:

  • Elite Standard Distance Triathlon
  • Age Group standard distance triathlon,
  • Junior sprint distance triathlon and
  • Junior and elite mixed relay European Triathlon Championships.

The event will also host the Annual General Assembly on the 27th August so we hope to be able to welcome all the European NF to Tartu.

Event details will be updated and found here:

Riga European Junior Cup
We are also pleased to announce the confirmation of the Junior European Cup in Riga which will provide an opportunity for our junior athletes to race in Riga as part of preparations for the race in Tartu.

The date for this event is the 16th August and it will be held over the supersprint distances. More details on this event will be available shortly.

Please check for updates here.

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