José Hidalgo’s Greeting

By ITU Admin | 09 May, 2006

One year ago, Madrid celebrated its third Triathlon World Cup, undoubtedly one of the finest and most spectacular of any held till now; one year ago, Spanish Sport together with this city’s inhabitants were eagerly awaiting the IOC’s decision concerning which city would host the 2012 Olympic Games: Madrid came a very close third. This gave rise to a period of deliberation and it seemed it would be difficult to maintain this World Cup without the drive that had been its engine.

And yet, this city has once again shown its commitment to Triathlon and thus, the fourth occasion for this event is now a reality. In harmony with such unquestionning support, the ITU has reached the decision that the Madrid World Cup will be the first Olympic event classifying for Beijing 2008; and so, once again, Madrid becomes an important reference point for our sport, being the starting point for all the hopes held by the world’s Triathlon community.

Hopefully, this will represent one more grain of sand for Madrid to perceive its importance in World Sport. Hopefully, we shall all soon begin dreaming again of Madrid being back in the race to host the Olympic Games.

Welcome to Madrid, welcome to the city that wants to hold the Olympic Games, welcome to the World Cup.

José Hidalgo
President of the Organizing Committee of the 2006 ITU Madrid Triathlon World Cup