Europe Triathlon Cup and Junior Cup coming up in Olsztyn this weekend

By | 26 May, 2023

Europe Triathlon is delighted to announce the upcoming European Triathlon Cup and Europe Triathlon Junior Cup, set to take place in the exquisite city of Olsztyn, Poland. As the largest city and the capital of the Warmia and Mazury region, Olsztyn is a place of exceptional beauty and deep historical roots, making it a perfect venue for a grand event like ours.

Olsztyn, a city with a storied history of over 650 years, is home to more than 170,000 residents who cherish and preserve its abundant heritage. The city’s gothic castle, the Cathedral of Saint Jacob, and the Upper Gate—located on the edge of the old city walls—are among its most revered historical monuments, which offer a captivating backdrop to our upcoming event.

What sets Olsztyn apart is its extraordinary location among lush forests and serene lakes. With 12 to 15 lakes and one of Europe’s largest parks, the City Forest, all within its borders, the city provides a breathtaking natural setting that is sure to inspire our athletes. These aspects perfectly align with Olsztyn’s development vision of being a ‘city garden’, offering tranquillity and escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

Our triathlon route will guide our athletes through this city garden, where they will experience the stark contrast between the XIV-century Warmian defensive architecture and the enchanting XIX- and XX-century secession structures. They will not only compete but also have the opportunity to discover the city’s present and historical faces in a unique way.

Adding to the city’s scientific legacy is Nicolaus Copernicus, the most famous person in Olsztyn’s history. Here, Copernicus carried out his ground-breaking research, managed goods, and defended the city from Teutonic forces. In his honour, participants will have a chance to glance at the original astronomical plaque—handcrafted by Copernicus himself—and experience a tangible brush with history.

In the spirit of Copernicus, Olsztyn today is a vibrant educational hub, with over 45,000 students at the University of Warmia and Mazury alone. The triathlon event, therefore, serves as an avenue to continue this tradition of merging knowledge and athleticism, highlighting the importance of both mental and physical health.

Based on the starting lists, it’s clear that there is fierce competition in each category from a range of nations, with representation from across the globe. The elite men’s race, the women’s race, and the junior categories are all set to be thrilling displays of athleticism and endurance. With such a diverse and talented field, no matter the outcome, the real winner here will be the sport of triathlon itself, as these athletes continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

This Europe Triathlon Cup and Europe Triathlon Junior Cup promise to be a unique blend of sporting spirit, natural beauty, and historical significance. Olsztyn is genuinely a “Naturally Garden!” and its inviting aura is sure to lend a fantastic atmosphere to our event. We can’t wait to welcome our athletes and spectators to experience the thrilling races and the magnificent city of Olsztyn. It is more than just a triathlon event; it’s a historical and cultural journey.

You can join us and witness these extraordinary events through our live streams:

1. Europe Triathlon Junior Cup Olsztyn 2023 begins at 10:15. Watch it live on YouTube:

2. Europe Triathlon Elite Women Cup Olsztyn 2023 starts from 15:15. You can watch it live on  YouTube:

3. Europe Triathlon Elite Men Cup Olsztyn 2023 begins at 17:45. The live stream can be accessed at YouTube:

Experience the action, the tension, the drama, and the triumphs from the comfort of your home. Tune in to these streams and become part of this unique athletic, historical, and cultural journey.

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27 May, 2023 • event pageall results
Results: Elite Men
1. Connor Bentley GBR 00:52:48
2. Louis Vitiello FRA 00:52:49
3. Simon Henseleit GER 00:52:50
4. Maxime Hueber-Moosbrugger FRA 00:52:51
5. Nathan Grayel FRA 00:52:52
6. Antoine Duval FRA 00:52:53
7. Maxime Fluri SUI 00:52:54
8. Mitch Kolkman NED 00:53:08
9. Matthew Howard GBR 00:53:17
10. Eric Diener GER 00:53:19
Results: Elite Women
1. Selina Klamt GER 00:59:02
2. Nora Gmür SUI 00:59:22
3. Tjasa Vrtacic SLO 00:59:27
4. Lotte Miller NOR 00:59:49
5. Robin Dreijling NED 00:59:57
6. Sophia Green GBR 01:00:00
7. María Casals Mojica ESP 01:00:04
8. Jule Behrens GER 01:00:11
9. Anja Weber SUI 01:00:21
10. Julia Bröcker GER 01:00:32
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