British Age Group Athletes dominate Sprint Distance European Championships

By David Peddie | 15 Jun, 2013

The strength and talent of the British triathlon federation Age Group athletes was highlighted again as they stormed the podium places at the 2013 ETU European Championships in Alanya.

Across the many age categories the Brits were unstoppable, winning 58 medals from 18-19 right the way through to 70-74.

The Brits are always well supported at these competitions and the travelling support and cause for much celebration as one by one they crossed the line triumphantly.

In the 16-19 category it was a clean sweep across the board. Clover Murray, Molly McKenzie and Isobel Steele finished 1-2-3 in the female category and Alastair Rogers, Kieran Hill and Nicholas Howarth repeated the feat for the men.

Heather Sellars won gold in the 20-24 category with team-mates Sophie Edge and Gemma Scott completing the podium. In the male category, Simon Frederiksen claimed gold for Denmark with British duo Samuel Woods and Callum Roberts settling for silver and bronze respectively.

In the 25-29 category, there was more success for Britain as Samantha Anderson and Natalie Bailey finished first and second. Emilie Darras (FRA) finished third. In the Men’s category, Jason Moore won gold for Britain with Andrew Jakeman finishing second. Wilian Cristofe Garcia Jiminez (ESP) finished third.

In the 30-34 category, Becky Schofield led Britain to another gold medal. Nathalie Darras (FRA) won the silver with Diana Adams finishing third for the bronze medal. 1st and 3rd was also the case for the British men as James Wilson and Scott Wardman sandwiched Thomas Winkelmann (GER).

It was another clean sweep for the Brits in the 35-39 category. Helen Russell led home Trish Deykin and Elizabeth Bullivant in the women’s race and Jonny McLean, Robert Osborne and Gavin Chatterton repeated the trick for the men.

The British women were relentless as they earned another 1-2-3 finish in the 40-44 category with Rachel Bown, Julia Jones and Michaela Furlong taking home gold, silver and bronze. Alan Cole won this category for the men with Russian Andriyan Khristoforov in second and Andrew Pownall (GBR) completed the podium.

Jacqui Phillips (GBR) defender her title from Eilat last year in the 45-49 category, once again finishing ahead of Anke Lakies (GER). Sarah Kerswell (GBR) finished third. Steve McKewon (GBR) also defended his title for the men with Oleksandr Bilous (UKR) claiming silver and David Johnston (GBR) finishing third.

There was another clean sweep for the British women in the 50-54 category. Jane Sanders took the gold medal ahead of Kath Blakey in second and Claire Bloom in third. The British men repeated the feat with Gavin Sword leading home Steven Wigglesworth and Lawrence Shafier.

In the remaining female categories the British were unstoppable, taking 12 medals from a possible 12. Joyce Mark took gold in the 55-59 category with Jane Bell and Pamela Dutton completing that podium.

Julia Hector led home Wendy Read and Elaine Scott in the 60-64 category and Georgina Jennings finished ahead of Anne Fish and Sybil Davison in the 65-69.

Carol Killick won gold in the 70-74 category, her first European Age Group medal since 2008 in Lisbon. Peggy Crome took silver and Jane Askey was third.

Ralf Laermann shook up the British order with gold in the 55-59 men’s category. Michel Darras was second and Peter Zoeller third.

In the 60-64 category, Rene Grou won gold ahead of British pair Keith Bate and Ted Hamilton.

Dieter Waller (GER) won the 65-69 category for the third year in a row, finishing ahead of Michael Smallwood (GBR). Helmut Schimmer was third to earn another medal for Germany.

The Brits roared back with a clean sweep in the 70-74 category. Tony Walker claimed gold with silver going to Barry Johnson and George Vargha took bronze.

In the 75-79 category Boris Kirillov (RUS) pipped Aado Liblikman (EST) to the gold medal.

Avner Arad (ISR) claimed gold in the 80+ category. Leon D’Erbee (BEL - pictured above) and Lev Dobrov (RUS) finished in second and third respectively.

A full list of results for the 2013 European Championship Sprint Distance Age Group Championships can be found here.

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Results: 16-19 Female AG Sprint
1. Clover Murray GBR 01:08:22
2. Molly Mckenzie GBR 01:08:46
3. Isabel Steele GBR 01:09:00
4. Rebecca Ladyman GBR 01:09:02
5. Whitney Larkin GBR 01:09:11
6. Honor Rendall GBR 01:10:38
7. Charlotte Mcrae GBR 01:10:57
8. Charlotte Wickens GBR 01:12:50
Results: 16-19 Male AG Sprint
1. Alastair Rogers ITU 00:58:22
2. Kieran Hill GBR 00:58:26
3. Nicholas Haworth GBR 00:58:43
4. Oliver Swallow GBR 00:58:59
5. Tom Stead GBR 01:00:01
6. Arran Rae GBR 01:01:02
7. Mika Brown GBR 01:01:19
8. James Kidd GBR 01:01:42
9. Adam Edwards GBR 01:05:33
10. Mark Todhunter GBR 01:08:32
Results: 18-19 Male AG
1. Patrick Cutmore GBR 02:04:25
2. James Briscoe GBR 02:10:30
3. Bjarki Freyr Rúnarsson ISL 02:11:42
4. Kurt Gunby GBR 02:30:25
Results: 20-24 Female AG
1. Hannah Pace MLT 02:13:05
2. Emily Whitmore GBR 02:13:25
3. Louisa Downs GBR 02:15:29
4. Hannah Johnston GBR 02:21:16
5. Emine Ulucay TUR 02:37:25
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