2007 Madrid BG Triathlon World Cup’s Volunteers, by Virginia Sanz

By ITU Admin | 23 May, 2007

Volunteers are a fundamental part for each organization. From decades now, volunteers had acquired a highest influence in World Compromises being sports’ world one of the strongest ones.

Motivation, Compromise and social integration are main clues for the volunteer sports development. Together with good information we can satisfy participants, main protagonist of the competition.

Sports volunteer, knows his attitude generates an admiration social movement, their effort and tenacity have to be compensated with a well structured organization that represents and conducts their enthusiasm.

The 2007 Madrid BG Triathlon World Cup, in this 5th edition becomes once more a scene full of possibilities for the volunteer. Living competition from inside and being closer to the triathletes is part of the reward.

With illusion, even passion, volunteers make possible the 2007 Madrid BG Triathlon World Cup.